My Wusthof Clasic Kitchen Knife Set

Cooking has been my main passion for years. I always keep up to date with the latest and greatest cookware, knives and everything kitchen. In my opinion, there is nothing better than receiving utensils that will take the hassle out of this great hobby. When I received my knife set from my in-laws, I immediately put them to the test.

wusthof knife setThe first meal I prepared with the knives was a complete success. I prepared vegetable soup and stuffed chicken breast without any trouble when cutting my items. Usually, chopping the vegetables for my homemade vegetable soup requires much time and patience because of dullness of my previous knife set.

When preparing this meal, I had absolutely no struggle cutting even the softest vegetables. Peeling potatoes and carrots also went by swiftly and efficiently. I absolutely love to chop spinach into my soup. When I chopped the spinach into my vegetable soup, the spinach leaves did not get stuck between the teeth of the knife as it had done in the past.

Instead, the spinach was finely chopped just the way my family and I like it. Along with my vegetable soup, I cooked my desirable stuffed chicken. Once again, the knives did not disappoint. I cut the breasts into chunks with the kitchen shears and sliced thin cuts into the flesh with ease. No matter what I cut, the knives did not give me any trouble. The only disappointment that I have had with my knives are not getting them sooner. I love my Wusthof Classic knife set. There is not a day that goes by that the knives are not used, and they have given me the same affect as the first time I used them. (Reference:


Ceramic Knife Sets

I have a great passion in cooking. My kitchen is undoubtedly my best destination whenever I am home. As a kitchen enthusiast, I always ensure this part of the house has the best and the most recent high quality equipment. In any modern kitchen, knives are undoubtedly one of the most important equipment. For this reason, I always make the best purchases when it comes to knife sets.

My favorite are ceramic knives. For me, they offer wonderful performance characteristics than any other type. They have the capacity to stay sharp for longer hence I hardly waste my cooking time to sharpen one. This offers me with the convenience I always prefer when busy preparing a meal.

Honestly, I have a problem working with a heavy knife hence the overall light weight that the ceramic knife brings is outstanding.

In the market today, it can be more tedious to purchase the best ceramic knife sets than doing a Christmas shopping for a whole clan. However, the following sets have worked well for me and will probably work better for you;

The Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution 3-piece Ceramic Knife Set

Knife sets

Considering all knives I have used, this set has worked best for me. It comes with three sharp knives that include a paring knife, a chef’s knife and a micro-serrated knife. With ABS plastic handles, aesthetic quality and comfort is enhanced. The product comes with a lifetime warranty which always reduce maintenance costs for me. This set definitely live up to my expectations and provide an outstanding value for my money. If you want to solve your chopping problems, this 3-piece set is the ideal one for you.

The Premium Ceramic Knife Set

Knife sets

I always ensure maximum modernity of my kitchen. Therefore, the aesthetic quality of any kitchen equipment is key. This set has four knives with bamboo handles that give them that classy look I always wish for. Their blades are shiny and easy to clean hence giving my kitchen a sparkling look. They have black sheaths that help protect the blades and always ensure they remain clean until the next time of use.

If you love cooking as I do, the above ceramic knife will make your chopping and cutting an enjoyable experience. Always get the best and only the best. Good luck in your cooking!


Cheap And Powerful Knife Set

Knife sets

I bought the Stainless Steel 18-Pieces Chicago Cutlery Fusion Knife Block Set after many months of waiting for it to get in stock. I had tried this set out at a friend’s Christmas party as she was raving on about the new knife set that her husband gifted her so I was curious to try it out. I must say that these knives left a mark on me. By that I mean, physically.

The Perfect Match
These knives were sharper than I thought they would be. I asked her husband the price of this set and the answer I got was shocking. I didn’t expect them to be cheaper than normal knife sets. With look and price, I also didn’t expect for the knives to easily slice into the ingredients I was preparing.

The blade of the knife that’s forged is made out of high-carbon stainless steel. In addition to that, the edge is also taper-grind. The handles of on each knives are sleek and not to mention comfortable to hold for a long time. Due to the combination, I think this is why I had much more control of the knife. It isn’t too light or too heavy to hold on too.

Irresistible Block Design
Not only did the knives win me over. The Chicago Cutlery Fusion Knife Block Set had an attractive wooden stained pine block that has stainless steel plates on knife handles. Now, the 19 knives that comes in this set is a 3” peeling knife, 5” utility knife, 7.75” chef knife, 8” slicer, 7.75” bread knife, 5” partoku knife, 7” santoku knife, 3.25” paring knife, eight 4.25” steak knives and an 8” sharpening steel.

The best part of this knife set is that it comes with a lifetime warranty so what are you waiting for? Go get a set know before it runs out.


Best 8 Piece Knife Set

Knife sets

When you’re buying a kitchen knife set, you’re obviously looking to buy the essentials for you kitchen in a cheaper price. However if you buy a 19-piece knife set, don’t you think that you’re just wasting your money with the knives rusting away in the block? Why not buy a quality knife set at the same price which will give you even better results.

An 8-piece knife set is the ideal knife set that you should purchase. There are two ideal knife sets that you should look at which are the Ginsu Chikara Series Fully Forged 8-Piece Japanese Steel Knife Set and the Victorinox 8-Piece Knife Block Set.

Types of Knives
The Ginsu Chikara Series comes with a 4-inch paring knife, 6-inch boning knife, 8-inch chef’s knives, 8-inch bread knife, 10-inch slicing, 10-inch sharpening steel, a pair of kitchen shears and a slant hardwood block.

The Victorinox Knife Block Set comes with a 8-inch chef’s knife, 7-inch santoku knife, 5-inch utility knife, 5-inch serrated utility knife, 3 1/2-inch paring knife, 8-inch honing rod, a pair of kitchen shears and a bamboo storage block.

The Quality
Both knife sets are very sharp but if you must know the Ginsu Chikara’s knives are fully forged and they’re are made out of the finest Japanese Stainless steel. The Victorinox’s blade is made out of High-carbon stainless steel. To ensure these knives stay sharp, always dry them before washing and if you have time, apply a thin layer of vegetable oil on them (not olive oil).

Since it’s made out of fibrox, the Victorinox knives handle helps reduces wrist tension if you’re working with them for a long time. However, the handles on the Ginsu Chikara, which were made by heating, will fit comfortably in your hand even if it’s small. They finished it off with water resistant resin. The balance on both knives are perfect but it all depends on the user and the type you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a Japanese line or a Swiss line, these brands are what I’d search for.


Backpacking in Croatia

If you haven’t been to Croatia yet, where the hell have you been holidaying recently? The Eastern European country which joined the EU in 2013 is now one of the most popular tourist destinations for Brits – around 400,000 visit each year.

The culturally rich city of Split has a can’t-beat-it backpacker vibe  and the sparklingly beautiful wonders of the Adriatic coast boasts the kind of untouched and unpretentious aura Ibiza started out with before all the clubs started charging 10 Euro for a bottle of water.  What’s not to like?

If you’re pushed for time and money but want to sample Croatia’s best-bits, head to the historical city of Split and spend a couple of nights in dreamy Hvar and you won’t want to leave.

Do: Brush Up On Boat Knowledge

Getting between the city of Split and the island of Hvar takes one to two hours on a Catamaran, but there’s very little trustworthy information online about the boat schedules. If you want to have a spot secured before arriving, book with the most well-known company Jadrolinija at least 48 hours in advance. If you don’t secure a ticket, don’t panic, you may be able to buy on the day, but if you’re trying to get from Hvar to Split in peak season, get up early for a ticket back to the mainland because they can sell out fast.

Don’t: Get Taxis In Hvar

The only legitimate excuse for getting a taxi in Hvar would be if your structural integrity as a human being is compromised by the amount of Croatian cocktails you have consumed therefore rendering the steep walks around the island impossible…and yes, it happened. However I do know that when sober, the island is actually very walkable so avoid cab drivers who will charger you ten Euro to go less than five minutes up the road.

Do: Explore

Even if you’re not a history-buff, a trip to Diocletian’s Palace, the old Roman ruin, is pretty spectacular. General entrance is around £4 and it takes about an hour to take in the whole site.

The beaches in Hvar are notoriously pebbly, but if you bring extra padding, the ‘Lucisca’ beach is  nestled amongst green pine trees, has crystalline waters of a perfect temperature and is totally worth the walk. Just wear good shoes.

Don’t: Underestimate Croatian Food And Drink

There are a few hidden restaurants in Split frequented by locals and hunted by tourists, Villa Spiza is one of them. A charming Croatian hole-in-the-wall, if you’re lucky enough to grab a stool for lunch or dinner you’re in for a treat. Food is cooked in front of you, and the giant prawn salad and Mediterranean vegetables with cheese was full of flavour and washed it down with a local Croatian beer, recommended by the waiter.

When it’s a little sophistication you’re after, check out Wine & Cheese Bar Paradox where you can drink locally sourced wines alongside tasty cheeses, breads and meats without breaking the bank. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that only once you’ve left your country of residence can you swill a wine around in its glass and say something like ‘mmm- very full-bodied’ – and get away with it. In this trendy bar, that kind of behaviour is actively encouraged by the well-trained sommeliers who actually teach you stuff whilst you get sauced. My kind of bar.

A restaurant with a deservedly good rep on the island is Lugo Mare famed for its seafood and panoramic views. If seafood isn’t your thing, then there’s meat and vegetarian dishes on offer too. I tried the generously plated tuna salad and the grilled calamari which was cooked on a grill right next to my table.

Do…Stay in backpacker-friendly spots

Accommodation options in Hvar are great, with hostels to suit every budget. My first night’s stay was in the very chilled Green Lizard Hostel where I spent a great portion of my stay swinging in the hammocks outside (the novelty never wears off, I swear). Green Lizard is family-run and centrally located with staff who also love to travel and offers really comfortable dorms or privates as well as super-cheap alcohol to pre-game on at the bar in reception.
If you’re after the ultimate backpacker experience (and a little less sleep) check out the buzzing Earther’s Hostel. Run by three well-travelled guys, Earther’s was great for meeting people and planning stuff during my stay. Included was a free breakfast, bar crawl (pending weather and people) and the guys also organise island boat trips which were so popular we couldn’t’ actually book a spot whilst staying there. Oh and there’s an impossibly-instagrammable view of the Adriatic sea from the patio.

No backpacker trip to Split would be complete without a stay at Al’s Place a hostel brimming with character. Now a resident of Croatia, London-born Al is a seasoned traveller and expert in all things Split. He was the first to open a hostel in the city over ten years ago and unlike some of the other places in the area, Al is full of local recommendations, backpacker tips and Dad-style worldly advice (if your Dad had ever lived in some of the coolest places on the planet).

Do…Stay Out Late

Attracting the young, fun crowd in the high season, Hvar becomes synonymous with partying. The biggest and loudest of them all is Carpe Diem which is so mad they positioned the main club on its very own island. Come 1am boats ferry people to and from the club for free, but entrance is almost £20. However if world-famous DJs, twerking dancers and pool parties are your thing, then it’s small change.
If you’re in the mood for a day-turns-night beach party, head up to ‘Hula Hula’ nestled among the rocks of the Adriatic coastline. There’s non-stop vibes here from about 5pm, when crowds gather to watch the sun melt into the sea, before heading to the bar and getting shots to fuel the podium-dancing.


Real Food Meal Ideas for People Who Travel

Recently I have been traveling quite a bit internationally. Last summer, I traveled to Spain, London, Germany, the Netherlands, China, Korea and Brazil! No matter the length of the trip, it pays to bring a lot of food with you that can withstand long time periods without refrigeration. This is where fermented foods (what are fermented foods?) come in handy. If you can get a refrigerator at your hotel – do it. More often than not this is not possible so it is always good to be prepared just in case.


Real Food Carry On Ideas

Raw cheese – cut up into bite sized pieces and store in wax paper in a zip loc bag. Include a small container to take some of the cheese with while out and about in your purse or briefcase.

Cured, fermented and dried meats – cut up into bite sized pieces. I once bought some salami on my way to the airport and I didn’t have time to cut it up so I ended up having to gnaw on it on the airplane! That was fairly embarrassing but I didn’t care – it was dinner and it wasn’t airplane food!

Chocolate (easy homemade chocolate or chocolate macaroons) – it is always smart to carry something sweet to help avoid the sugar bomb at business dinners with clients!

Traveling bone broth – I make this powdered ‘traveling’ bone broth with a dehydrator and it is absolutely genius. It is really easy to find hot water pretty much anywhere so you can drink your broth in the morning and during ‘coffee breaks’ and know you are getting some nutrients while away.

Yogurt or kefir –It is possible to bring these liquid items in a container of your own choosing. Just tell the TSA agent that it is ‘medical’. No explanation required because of privacy rights. They will test it for explosives by opening the container and waving a test strip around the opening (without touching the container). They might make you drink it depending on what country you are in (I had to open and eat a bite of yogurt in London!) but you most likely will be able to keep it.

Coconut flour muffins – bring enough to have 1-2 per day. These are life savers as they are very filling and nourishing!

Homemade sauerkraut in a small jar – make sure it doesn’t leak. Eat a small amount with breakfast and leave it in the room the rest of the day. Taking sauerkraut out of your purse during your business lunch will illicit some inquisitive looks!

One full meal from home for the outbound flight – This is critical so at least you have a head start on a real meal before you set in on eating cheese and meats the rest of your trip!

Surprised not to see nuts and dried fruit on my list? I have found they aren’t filling and I can usually find a banana in an airport if I want fruit. I try to focus on bringing foods with fat when I travel because that is hard to find in our low-fat world.